What you get
What you getVan Mierlo is an accountancy and tax advice office and has successfully introduced foreign businesses into the Dutch market for over three decades. Throughout the years, we have built a strong knowledge base and professional network that can help you overcome the obstacles of working in The Netherlands.

Our experienced and professional team speaks your language. We understand what motivates you as an independent entrepreneur because we are just that – independent entrepreneurs who love growing a business. We know everything related to accountancy and tax, from administration and annual reports to salary splits and fiscal services.

What you get
Find out how our valuable experience, deep understanding and professional network will support your ambitions as a business owner.

We translate our reports and advice from the Dutch legal requirements to your business requirements, turning them into tools you can work with.


We will assign you 1 contact person from our team, dedicated to supporting you and to providing you with the latest news regarding accountancy for your business. With the high level of education of our employees comes a high level of proactivity. Your business matters will be solved before they even become urgent.


Hours and days seem to go faster when you run a company; where does time go? Well, with your administration and accounting at Van Mierlo, you will notice that you actually gain time. That means more time for dedicating yourself to developing your company’s growth ambitions or other activities.

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