AVM_website_diensten-Payrolling and salary splits

Who gets what, when do they get it and in what account? We not only keep track of the administrative aspects of payrolling for your new Dutch company, we can also make sure everybody receives their pay.

Employment contracts and authorizations
We are experienced in crafting employment contracts and we are up to date on existing collective agreements for all types of businesses making us a trustworthy advisor on going rates for salaries and what financials implications any form of employment might have on your  financial balance.

We have the knowledge to advise and help you with:

  • Pension schemes (how to meet or work with the guidelines from the specific trade unions)
  • Labor costs (when and how to reimburse employees for costs they make while working for you)
  • Regulations for artistic work (e.g. certain artistic jobs are excluded for VAT)
  • The Dutch 30% ruling (controlling costs for foreign employees working in The Netherlands)

We can take care of all the communication between your company in The Netherlands and De Belastingdienst (the Dutch IRS), the UWV (the Dutch Bureau for Employment) and your pension fund, saving both time and energy often needed for fully immersing yourself in these matters.

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